Netgear AX8 Extender Setup

Netgear is a famous American brand that is known for manufacturing premium quality networking devices. Netgear has a huge lineup of devices like modems, routers, extenders, and many more. Moreover, every device of Netgear has unique features that enhance the internet experience. However, as per the research, Netgear recently released the AX8 WiFi extender that is liked by millions of people around the world. If you want to say goodbye to dead network zones in your home, then perform the Netgear AX8 extender setup.

AX8 repeater uses WiFi 6 which is multiple times faster in comparison to WiFi 5. Moreover, it provides blazing-fast internet speed of up to 6Gbps and covers the hue area of the house. The main and amazing feature is that this model uses a mesh system that allows users to set up numerous of these devices in a single network.

Netgear AX8 Extender Setup

But, there is an issue that users have when trying to install the device. You don’t need to worry about it as in this write up, we will cover all the steps to perform Netgear WiFi extender setup in no time. Read on!

AX8 WiFi Extender Setup Methods

To your knowledge, there are two straightforward methods to perform the extender setup in a hassle-free manner. The names of the procedures are the Manual method and the WPS method. You can perform any one of them according to your convenience.

Manual Method

  • Initially, place the AX8 WiFi extender at a suitable place near the host router.
  • Plug the extender power cable into the working wall outlet which supplies the sufficient power supply.
  • Boot up the AX8 repeater by pressing the power on button.
  • Now, make the communicable connection between the devices via Ethernet cable.
  • Power on the computer or laptop for the further process.
  • Open up the upgraded internet browser.
  • Access the default web address of the AX8 WiFi extender.
  • Enter the URL without making any typing mistakes.
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • Netgear extender login portal will appear.
  • Give the asked details and click on the Log In button.

You will redirect to the Basic Home screen in which you need to complete the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

This is how you can configure your device by accessing the Now move to the next section in which we discuss some more information about the AX8 WiFi extender.

AX8 WiFi Extender Firmware Update

It is very important to update the firmware of the device. The one main reason is performance. Everybody wants their home network to work fast and cover the whole house. Firmware updates provide bug fixes and technology improvements that lead to a better internet experience for you and your family members. It also keeps your networking device away from cyber attacks.

To update the firmware of the AX8 WiFi extender, you need to access the default IP address of the device which is Below we mentioned some steps that you can use to update the firmware.

  • Open the latest version web browser.
  • Download the firmware version according to your device with the help of Google and save it to the desired folder.
  • Access the default IP address by inserting it into the URL bar.
  • Press the Enter button.
  • Log into the extender by giving the default credentials.
  • Hit the Log In button.
  • Look for the Menu settings.
  • Click on the Advanced settings.
  • Go to the Firmware Update.
  • Upload the downloaded firmware file.
  • Click on Save.

Reset AX8 WiFi Extender

If you are experiencing major issues on your extender and are not able to fix them, then perform the reset process.

  • First, power on the extender by plugging it into the working wall outlet.
  • Look for the Reset button on the back panel of the device.
  • Press it for some time until the device is reset.
  • Now, wait for some time until the device is set to its factory settings.

Thereafter, you will get your device's customized settings erased which mean you need to perform the Netgear AX8 WiFi extender setup again.

Hence, we hope above mentioned information will assist you and enhance your internet experience.

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