Why Is My Router's Performance Better Than Yours

Do you wish to experience the optimum performance of your router? Then, either buy a new one or place it on your rooftop for enhancing the signal strength.

Oh common, do you really think it’s that hard to get the best of your router? Of course not and sorry I was kidding above.  In fact, it’s a very easy task. All you have to do is to make sure that your router is up to date to the latest firmware and you have precisely maintained others attributes  such as the location of the router and some other stuff that we will be going to discuss in detail.

So if you’re the one - feeling frustrated with the inferior performance of your router, then this post will able to help you out in every possible manner.

Let’s dive in!

Keep these points in mind for experiencing the optimum performance of your router:

  • First things first, keep your router up to date to the latest firmware to avoid malicious files and malware to enter into your network.
  • Time to time check that the router should not be overheated. Avoid placing them in a congested location.
  • Never place your router or extender in the closet or closed spaces. Always keep them uncovered and at a specific height from the ground level.
  • Do not bother to clean them thoroughly; just use a dry cloth for dusting that’s all. Also, never use any cleaning liquid spray on them.
  • Place them away as far as you can from the metallic sculptures, walls and other interference creating objects such as microwave. These objects affect the signal transmission.
  • Do not allow unauthorized users to get access to your network. Keep your wireless network protected with a password and do not share the password with everyone. Use some network mapping app like Netgear genie to monitor and manage your network and the paired devices.
  • For any sort of assistance at any time, you may contact the mywifiext Support.
  • In the situations where your neighbor's router is likewise connected with the same Internet channel, you may face a few intrusions while getting to the Internet because of IP conflictions. In such situations, it is fitting to change the channel of your router. There are various frequencies accessible that you can look over the control board of your router using the mywifiext.net local.
  • Guarantee that the Wi-Fi arrange is shielded by assigning a unique password for it using the Mywifiext.com. It will anchor your system as well as diminish the undesirable use of the network by your neighbors or other relatives.
  • Likewise, as we as a whole realize how quick innovation is developing and the new router are being propelled each week by various manufacturers. Along these lines, in the event that you are utilizing your present router for an extensive stretch like for quite a while, at that point, your switch becomes inconsistent with the utilization. The best alternative is to purchase another one either on the web or from an adjacent retail store.
  • If you have a premise that is that much large that evens the router's network isn't sufficiently covering your territory. At that point utilizing a Range Extender is an extraordinary help. Be that as it may, ensure you put this device in the correct area to get the ideal execution of your gadget. You can pick the Netgear extender to upgrade the scope of your Wi-Fi.

So I hope this article is fair enough to help you to get the optimum performance of your router. But still, if you have any doubts, we are available to hear all of your queries.

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