Netgear EX5000 Connected But No Internet

Netgear EX5000 Connected But No Internet: Here is the Fix!

The need for the internet has increased now more than ever. It is essential to have high-speed and consistent internet throughout the home. We must say that you have made the right choice by investing in the Netgear EX5000 range extender. Having a range extender is the best way to attain full WiFi coverage throughout your home. A range extender works by expanding the existing router signal to different parts of the home. Thus, no more WiFi dead spots in your home.

Though this is undoubtedly the best device to fulfill your network-related requirements, at times, it too fails to perform well. If you’re also stuck with any such mess with your Netgear device then keep on reading further to know more about it. This blog is all about what can be done if despite being connected to the main access point, there is no internet access.

Netgear EX5000 Connected but No Internet: Reasons

Before delving into deep troubleshooting to fix the internet-related issue with Netgear extender, it is crucial to know the reasons behind the issue. It is said so because knowing the reasons will be beneficial to avoid further occurrences of the issue. We have enlisted some common reasons as reported by most of the Netgear range extender users behind the Netgear extender connected but no internet issue

1. Improper Setup

Are you a new Netgear range extender user? Have you done the initial Netgear extender setup process right? If the setup steps are partially or incorrectly performed, then you won’t be able to access your Netgear extender’s network.

2. Incorrectly Placed Extender

Where is the Netgear range extender placed? An incorrectly placed WiFi range extender won’t perform well.

3. Router Settings Variation

There are instances when you keep looking for faults with the Netgear extender but it is router settings that need to be mended in order to get some issues fixed. Maybe Netgear extender internet access is blocked in the router settings.

4. Outdated Firmware

When was the last time that you updated your Netgear extender? If your device is running on obsolete firmware, then this might be the actual culprit behind the issue at hand.

Netgear EX5000 Connected But No Internet: Solutions

By now you might be aware of the reason behind the internet issue with your Netgear device. Let us proceed to the solutions now. Prior to getting to advanced troubleshooting go through some basic fixes and checks.

1. Ensure a Stable Internet Signal

Begin by checking the internet connection at your home. Check with the ISP if there is any internet-related issue. It is essential to have a stable and high-speed internet signal to the main access point such that the range extender can receive optimum network.

2. Check Wiring

Check all the cables connecting to the Netgear extender. Loose or improper connections would not let your device function properly. Make sure that your Netgear range extender is connected tightly to the router. Also, check the cables for any damages. Additionally, have a look at the power socket as well. Do the needed changes and then try accessing the extender’s network.

3. Relocate your Netgear Extender

Have you placed your Netgear extender on a lower shelf or in a corner? Try relocating your Netgear range extender. Avoid placing the range extender in an enclosed area. Also while relocating, make sure that the Netgear extender is within the range of the router. Another point that needs consideration is to keep the Netgear extender away from other devices or appliances that radiate radio signals.

4. Check Router Settings

There is a possibility of having Access Control or MAC filtering enabled on your router. The extender gets blocked and cannot access the router network. Thus get to the router settings and disable access control or change the setting to Allow Access.

5. Reboot Netgear Extender

Now if the above-discussed changes have been of no use, then reboot your device. Turn the power off and let it rest. Reconnect it to the power socket and check if you can access its network.

6. Reset Netgear EX5000

Resetting the device deletes all the personalized data from it and restores the factory settings on it. Having that said, we mean that you also delete any major technical glitch with the Netgear extender. Pressing the Reset button does the work for you. Once the reset is done, set the extender up again using and by now you should certainly be able to access your Netgear extender’s network.

Final Note

We are pretty sure that by walking through the aforementioned troubleshooting tips and tricks, you should be able to kick out the internet accessibility issue with your Netgear EX5000.

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