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How to Pair Netgear Extender With New Router [Short Guide]

In case you want to learn how to pair Netgear extender with a new router, then this is the post for you. But, before you get down to the process of pairing the devices for Netgear extender setup,a you have got to restore your Netgear extender to its default factory settings. Otherwise, you will not be able to set up your extender with another router.

How to Reset Netgear Range Extender?

Here are the instructions that will help you to restore your Netgear wireless range extender to its default factory mode:

  • Locate the Reset button on the extender.
  • You will be able to find it at the bottom of the extender.
  • Once found, press it, but carefully.
  • Hold on for some time.

Note: Rushing through the reset process can interrupt it and stop you from doing the only thing after which you will be able to pair your networking devices. Thus, be patient while going through the process.

Right after you have successfully performed Netgear extender reset using the hard reset method, the time has come for you to set up your device with the new router.

How to Pair Netgear Extender with New Router [Steps]

1. Turn On the Netgear Extender

Commence the process by looking for an available wall socket in your house. Whenever you find it, plug your Netgear extender into it. Now, you need to press the power button on the extender to turn it on fully. Then, wait for some time and let the LED become solid.

Note: Make sure that you do not plug your wireless range extender into a wall socket that is damaged. Otherwise, your networking device will not be able to receive electricity as it deserves.

2. Pair the Networking Devices

Now comes the moment you have been waiting for, i.e. learning how to pair Netgear extender to the new router. You can pair it using either a wireless or wired source of connection. If you choose to use a wired source of connection, you need to opt for a damage-free Ethernet cable and if you choose to put a wireless medium to use, then the distance between the devices should not be too much.

Note 1: Apart from ensuring that the distance between the networking devices is not too much, you need to make sure that it is not less either. Otherwise, the signal emitted from your devices will clash.

Note 2: The Ethernet cable should be tightly connected to the Ethernet ports on the Netgear extender as well as the router. A loose connection won’t take you anywhere. In other words, it will stop you from pairing your devices.

3. Access an Internet Browser

After you have learned how to pair Netgear extender to a new router, switch on your laptop and open a web browser on it. Some examples include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. In the address bar of the internet browser, type mywifiext or IP address of your device and then, press the Enter key. Soon you will be able to access the Netgear extender login page.

Note 1: Avoid using the search bar to access the web or IP address of your Netgear wireless range extender. Or else, you will end up landing on a page that you do not wish to land on.

Note 2: Whatever web browser you get your hands on, make sure that it is running on its updated version. Otherwise, you will fall right into the pit of technical issues in the future. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

4. Perform Netgear Extender Login

As soon as the Netgear extender login page comes in front of you, you will see two fields on it. One will be named Username and another Password. As per the name of the field, fill in the default admin login detail and click on the Log In button. Soon, the Netgear Genie setup wizard will appear with some prompts. Go through them in order to finish the Netgear extender setup process with the new router.

Note: Many users experience issues while using the login credentials since they are not sure of them. In case you are standing in the same queue, then take our advice and refer to the credentials given in the manual you got with the device.

Need Our Help?

After following the information given in this blog, you would have surely learned how to pair Netgear extender to the host router for the setup process. On the off chance, you are experiencing issues while trying to do this, then it is advised that you get in touch with our technical experts without wasting any more time.

Our team of professionals is known to help out users like you. Plus, no matter at what time of the day or night you contact them, they will be available to pull you out of the mess that you are currently in.

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