How to Connect Netgear WiFi Extender to New Router

How to Connect Netgear WiFi Extender to New Router?

So, your old router outlived its functional life and you brought a new one. But, are you not able to connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router? Don't worry! We will help you sort the issue out once and for all. All you need to do is, follow the guidelines below.

First, you should understand that replacing the old router with a new one means you have to reconfigure the Netgear WiFi extender. Now, there are two methods you can do that.

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup)

Before you perform this process, keep in mind that WPS does not support WEP encryption protocol.

  • Press the WPS button on the new WiFi router.
  • Press the WPS button on the Netgear WiFi extender for some time.
  • Change the location of your Netgear extender now.
  • Now, check if the router LED on the Extender is ON or OFF.

Note: If the LED lights are ON this means the WiFi extender has connected to the router's WiFi network. However, if the lights are OFF it means the extender failed to connect to the device.

If you see any lights other than green and are confused, connect with our tech experts to understand the different Netgear extender lights meaning. Lastly, if the new router's default wireless encryption is WEP, do not use this method to connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router.

If this method does not lets you connect to the internet, don't lose hope! There is another way you can take care of the problem.

Web-Based GUI

  • Press the Reset button on the Netgear WiFi extender.
  • After rebooting the extender, it is time to access Netgear_ext ssid.
  • Open a web browser. In the address bar, enter the extender login web address.
  • Click on New Extender Setup option.
  • Create a new account by filling out the required fields.
  • Click on Next to continue.
  • The Netgear WiFi extender searches and displays the available WiFi network within vicinity.
  • Select the WiFi network of the new WiFi router.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Now, in the password field, enter the WiFi network password.
  • Click on Next button.
  • Set a WiFi network name (SSID) and password for the new WiFi extender. Click on Next option.
  • Click on Continue button to complete the setup process.
  • Click on Next button to proceed with the registration process. You can skip this step if the device is registered beforehand.

Now, this would help you reconnect to the new router. In addition, you would also not face the mywifiext not working error message.

What? Still unable to connect to the internet? Perhaps it is time to follow a few simple troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting Tips

Given below are 4 tips you can follow to when trying to connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router.

1. Correct Placement

Whether it is the Netgear WiFi extender or the new router, do not ever keep either in enclosed spaces. Never keep the router or extender inside a cupboard or cabinets. This will block the signals from either devices and make it harder to connect both.

2. Safe Distance

Distance plays a vital role when it comes to accessing the internet without any hassle. Make sure there is not much distance between your Netgear WiFi extender and the new router. Too much distance would make it harder for the devices to communicate. On the flip side, too less distance would cause the WiFi signals to collide.

3. Zero WiFi Interference

You might not realize but there are some devices that emit electromagnetic waves. These include baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, television, radios, and microwave ovens among others.

Add to that, there are reflective surfaces like mirrors and metal objects which interrupt in smooth internet connectivity. Keep both devices away from these devices when trying to connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router.

4. Updated Firmware

One reason why you are facing trouble in trying to connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router is obsolete firmware. Make sure the extender is functioning on the latest firmware so it can catch up with the new technology.

Following these techniques will help you connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router with ease.


Are you not able to connect the new router with the Netgear WiFi extender? Make sure to try out either of the processes described above. These will help you connect Netgear WiFi extender to new router without hassle.

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