Complete Guide to Resolve Netgear Extender Speed Loss Issue

Complete Guide to Resolve Netgear Extender Speed Loss Issue

Do you want to work and play games online, stream the internet and do news binging all at the same time? Well then, you should consider setting up a Netgear range extender in your home via mywifiext. What happened? Despite performing Netgear extender setup, you are witnessing speed loss? Has your internet-usage experience gotten much worse than earlier? We are sorry to hear that. But, worry not. We can help you out. As you’ll keep reading, you’ll come across several hacks through which the Netgear extender speed loss issue can be resolved within minutes.

[Resolved] Netgear Extender Speed Loss Issue

1. Restart the Netgear Extender

Restarting the Netgear extender is the first thing that we suggest to users whenever they face technical issues. We would like to advice you the same thing. Trust us, if this hack works for you, there won’t be any requirement to go through the rest.

You can restart your wireless range extender with the help of these steps:

  • Press the power button to turn off your extender.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Now, turn on your extender by hitting the power button again.

See if the Netgear extender speed loss issue has bid farewell to you. It hasn’t? Well then, it looks like you have to walk through the rest of the hacks after all.

2. Check the Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet cable with which you have connected your Netgear extender and your home router should not be damaged from any point. On the off chance, it is, immediately swap it with a brand new one.

When you bring a new cable home, connect its one end to the wireless range extender and another to the router. Do not forget to ensure that the connection is not loose.

3. Install an Antivirus Software

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the performance of your Netgear range extender. It’s your system that is causing all the fuss. In simple words, there is a possibility that your system [laptop or computer] is infected with viruses. We all know how viruses can make one imagine things that aren’t even there in the first place.

To troubleshoot the issue, take our advice and install antivirus software on your system. In case you require assistance in downloading this software, contact our experts. They will surely provide you with instant assistance.

4. Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Smart home appliances like cordless phones, washing machines, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and Bluetooth speakers can interrupt or block the signals that your Netgear extender is emitting thereby resulting in the Netgear extender speed loss issue.

Therefore, change the location of your extender and ensure that none of the above-given appliances are kept near it. Additionally, keep reflexive surfaces like mirrors and fish tanks away from the range extender.

5. Disconnect Extra Devices

Chances are that too many devices are accessing the network of your Netgear extender thereby impacting its speed. To take care of this problem, consider removing every extra device in touch with your WiFi. Once done, try to access any random website, and see the speed of your extender. Are you getting the desired one? No? Continue reading.

6. Reset the Netgear Extender

If you are reading this hack right now, then it means that none of the hacks mentioned above helped you to troubleshoot the Netgear extender speed loss issue. But, fret not. We still have one hack left that might save you, i.e. factory default reset.

Here are the guidelines that you need to follow to reset your wireless range device:

  • Locate the Reset button.
  • It will be located on one of the corners of your extender.
  • Once you find it, press it. Do it carefully.
  • Wait patiently.

When your Netgear wireless range extender resets, reconfigure it via the IP.

In the Nutshell

The Netgear extender speed loss issue has managed to ruin the internet-usage experience of not one but a number of users across the globe. We hope that you were able to rectify it after going through the hacks given in this post.

In case, you are still going out of your mind because of the same issue, then waste no more time getting in touch with our technicians. No matter at what hour of the day you ping them, you will find them ready to assist you 24x7.

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