is the default IP address that helps Netgear extender owners to set up their device with ease. You can use the IP address as an alternative to the default web address, i.e. mywifiext.net.

With the help of default IP address, you can configure any model of Netgear extender. Login Steps

The IP address helps you log in to your Netgear extender. Here's how you can set up your extender using the IP address.

  • Connect your extender to your router.
  • Launch your preferred web browser.

Note: You can choose between Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.

  • Enter the IP address in the web address bar.
  • As soon as you enter the IP address and hit Enter, you'll be asked to fill in your credentials.
  • Enter the default username and password.
  • Hit Enter, and you'll be land on the dashboard of your Netgear extender.
mywifiext.net login

You can now make changes to the settings of your Netgear extender as per your needs and requirements. What if the default IP address is not working for you? No need to worry, we're at your back! Walk through the steps mentioned below and fix the problem of not working.

Still Facing Any Issues? Call Us at Toll Free 1-855-409-5050 Not Working?

At times, users face issues while accessing the default IP address and come up with an error message on their device's screen saying “this site can't be reached”. The error message may vary as per the web browser you are using to access the IP address. If is not working for you, have a check on the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Make sure your extender is properly plugged into a power outlet.
  • Check if your web browser is updated to the latest version.
  • Cross-check if you are correctly entering the IP address in the web address bar.
  • Ensure to have access to a high-speed internet connection.
  • Update the firmware of your device.
  • is a private address and can be accessed when you are within your home. So don't access it publicly.
mywifiext not working
Try the above-listed troubleshooting tips and set up your Netgear extender without any ado. If still facing any issues to configure your extender, reach out to our tech support executives who are on their toes to help you fix issues.

Change Your Extender's Password using

Every Netgear extender comes with default configurations that help users to set up their device. But, at times, this can lead to threats. So, to avoid any issues and secure your WiFi extender, it is advised to change the default password of your Netgear extender. Here's how you can change the password of your Netgear extender.

mywifiext error
  • Login to your Netgear extender via
  • Navigate to Wireless Settings.
  • Enter Network Key and Security type.
  • Enter the default password and then fill in the new password for your extender.
  • Once done, hit Apply to save the settings.

This way you can change the password of your Netgear extender and give your device additional security.

Note: The next time you access your extender using the default IP address, you are advised to enter the changed password.

If you feel that you need any kind of assistance for issues, simply get in touch with our tech support experts for Netgear extenders.

As soon as we fetch your query, we'll get in touch with you. You can make contact with us either via chat or email.


Ques1: I can't log in to my Netgear extender. Help me fix it.

Ans: If you're unable to log in to your Netgear extender due to incorrect login credentials, outdated or cached web browser, intermittent internet connection, or improper configuration of the extender. Following the steps given below will bring you success in logging in to your Netgear extender:

Ques2: Netgear WiFi extender won't show up. What to do?

Ans: If you're facing the Netgear WiFi extender won't show up issue, then walk through these troubleshooting tips to resolve it:

If all these hacks fail to bring you success, get in touch with our experts.

Ques3: Why is my Netgear extender not accepting password?

Ans: The Netgear extender won't accept password if you're using the incorrect one to log in to it. So, ensure to use the correct password to log in to your Netgear extender. Avoid committing typos and turn the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. Also, consider updating the web browser and clearing its cache, cookies, and browsing history. It will prevent the web browser from loading a cached version of the Netgear extender login page.

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